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National Latina Civic Engagement Day
November 1st.

Building the Latina electorate one vote at a time.


Latinas make up 16.4 percent of the U.S. population and will become 25.7 percent in 2050.

Leaders from Latina-led organizations will host a national day of action, calling on all eligible U.S Latinas to go out and vote. Together, we are joining forces to amplify the power of the Latina electorate and uplift November 1st as “National Latina Engagement Day,'' in recognition of the growing political power of Latinas. 

What is the National Latina Civic Engagement Day?

The National Latina Civic Engagement Day is our official day to acknowledge, celebrate, and promote the presence of Latinas as a voting force and their leadership in civic engagement.

Inspired by the 2020 elections, the lack of Latinx representation, and the understanding that Latinas are becoming a voting force, the National Latina Civic Engagement Day of action was first launched on November 1, 2020 with action oriented activities in the last stretch to mobilize Latina voters in the 2020 elections. This day of action is leading the way to officially proclaim November 1st as a National Latina Civic Engagement holiday. We will continue to encourage Latinas to activate their power by promoting the right to vote, ensure that their voices are heard, and their presence is felt at the ballot box. 

NLCED is also growing into a collaborative effort with Jefas - Latinas with years in the civic engagement space and leaders of organizations providing services to better our communities from across the country. Building on the momentum from 2020, this year Las Jefas will be joined by a network of Compañer@s helping us elevate our voices to touch all corners of the country where a Latina needs to hear our message - that our vote matters and encourage them to come out to the polls. 

Why Latinas?

By 2050, Latina's growth will be the largest voting force! Latinas are becoming active decision-makers in our democracy. We are building the Latina electorate for this and future elections at all levels of national, state, and local elections. 

We are recognizing the contributions of Latinas in all aspects of our society, including community organizing and leadership. It is a fact that women are innate leaders and that they have a strong influence on their families and communities, and we celebrate such leadership. Latinas are the CEO’s of their households and the backbone of their families, not to mention they hold significant and recognized roles in all levels of our society. Together, we are creating a long term impact that will allow our communities to close the gap of political and civic participation of Latinxs in the U.S.

Recognized leaders, civic engagement organizations, and key women leaders in our community are supporting this idea to build a new generation of Latinas, passing the baton to younger generations to continue to be voices, faces, and catalysts to move our community forward.

How to participate?

Latina Civic Hubs

Nominate a Latina Owned-Business to become a Civic Hub and provide voter registration and civic engagement information easily accessible to the community. 

Pledge to Vote  

November 1st is the official day to recognize Latinas as the voting force we are. Vote if you can or remind someone to vote. Nominate a Latina in your circle! Tag us online with the hashtag, #LatinasVote &


Celebrate With Us

We are leading civic flash conversations to share tools and resources for more Latinas to be civically engaged, RSVP Today. 

Our mission is to acknowledge, celebrate, and promote the presence of Latinas as a voting force and their leadership in civic engagement. 

United and Committed

"United, as one same familia of strong, smart women, we will build a powerful legacy for multiple generations to come" 

Yadira Sanchez

Poder Latinx

Can you hear that?

"Latinas rise up and say with the pulling of a lever, the pressing of a button or the stroke of a pen --- we vote for our hijos, our familias, our comunidad, our future."

Sindy Benavides


It is imperative 

" This year Latinos make up the largest non-white voting bloc next to Black Americans. We do not need politicians to speak for us; we need them to listen to us and let us lead."

Monica Ramirez

Justice for Migrant Women and Latinx House, Founding Principal of She Se Puede

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