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We are building the Latina Electorate 

to create long-lasting changes for our communities and celebrating the Poderosas in this space of civic leadership. 

Inspired by the 2020 elections, the lack of Latinx representation, and the understanding that Latinas are becoming a voting force, the National Latina Civic Engagement Day of action is scheduled to happen every November 1st with civic engagement activities such as townhalls, webinars, phone banks, text banks, roundtables and more!  

Our mission is to acknowledge, celebrate, and promote the presence of Latinas as a voting force and their leadership in civic engagement.

So much at stake

“The Latina vote is so critical to the issues our community cares about - the environment, to our access to healthcare, and justice for immigrant families. There is so much at stake right now that will determine the course of history for this nation. Now is the time to use our vote and voice to defend our communities,”

Nicole Melaku,

National Partnership for New Americans


This is more than a day of celebration and action; this is when we sign up to inspire our community to believe in themselves with our stories and tools to create change now and in the future. 

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